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4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
3 p.m. - 6 p.m.


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Shooting some hoops on our beautiful indoor basketball courts with other fitness-minded players is a great way to have a blast while burning calories. An intense game of basketball will exercise just about every muscle in your body, including your heart for a great cardiovascular workout. Swish!

Group Exercise
Participating in our Group Exercise sessions will engage your mind and double your motivation. There’s something about working out with a group that provides that additional push we all need, stimulating our sense of competitiveness and need for community at the same time. Fitness Connection offers many fun and challenging group exercise classes for all levels of fitness.

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Group Exercise Classes:

BodyCombat: Inspired by martial arts, this fiercely intense workout draws from a variety of disciplines including karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Combine those unique pre-choreographed moves with driving music and you'll strike, punch, and kick your way through calories!

BodyFlow: BodyFlow™ - This pre-choreographed combination of yoga, tai chi and Pilates builds flexibility and strength while leaving you centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves, and poses makes this class worth the time!

BodyPump™: Designed to provide maximum results in minimum time, this pre-choreographed, demanding workout delivers muscular strength and endurance all in a fun, safe environment. You will challenge every major muscle group with a bar and plate weights and leave smiling and buff!  BodyPumpX: A 45-minute abbreviated version of the cult classic.

BodyStep: This cutting-edge version of the timeless step class mixes simple yet effective pre-choreographed moves to provide an awesome athletic cardio blast on a step! Featuring high intensity intervals followed by muscle conditioning tracks, these classes are designed to whip you into amazing cardio condition.

Boot Camp: Sweating with athletic training. Anything goes in this class. Use weights, sports drills, interval training, and can use boxing skills, as well as step or Hi/Lo aerobics and jump ropes to give you an AWESOME cross training regiment.

CardioSculpt: This straight‐forward, booty-kicking class simply jumbles up all the best class formats into one rockin' event of a class! You'll do floor aerobics, balance drills, core work, sculpting and whatever else our ingenious instructors can imagine! Your body won't know what hit it!

Cycle: You may do everything from exploring the terrain of the Tour de France to learning new cadences to pushing the limits of your heart rate zones to just climbing hills, and you will treasure every last minute. Each unique class is sure to strengthen your legs, burn mad calories and build cardiovascular stamina!

Cycle & Core: Rock it out with this energetically inventive class that unites great cycling with great core work.

G'morning Yoga: Good Morning Pleasant Valley! The best part of waking up is Yoga in your cup! Who needs caffeine when you can wake up to an energizing yoga practice?

H.O.T. :High Octane Training – All are welcome in the wildly addictive amalgamation of sports-specific drills, intervals and functional training designed to hone your agility and tone your muscles regardless of whether you're a couch potato or an athlete!

Happy Hour Yoga: Trade your martini with a lime twist for yoga with a Bharadvaja's twist! You'll save money, feel better, look better and will leave with a love hangover instead of waking up with a head-splitting hangover!

JumpStart!: Substitute this class for your first cup of coffee and you're off to a great start for the day! Just like that coffee, you'll want to give it up and try to go it alone, but you're addicted – you need it, you want it and it's good for you in limited quantities! Curious to know what all the fuss is about? Get to PV Monday and Thursday mornings to find out!

Old School Yoga: In this traditionally structured class, Leslie gregariously guides you through a constantly challenging and delectably detailed purposeful practice. She brings a calm, assuring peace to each class that empowers you to try new postures, new breaths and deepen your yoga practice.

Pilates: Originally developed as a method of rehabilitation, the focus of Pilates lies with the muscles of your powerhouse - your core muscles which include abs, lower back, hips, and derriere. Emphasizing concentration and control, Pilates exercises are done with great precision and can be customized to meet the individual abilities of each participant. Through the series of movements over time, Pilates paves the road to optimal strength, flexibility, and posture to create a longer, leaner you. Through the series of movements over time, Pilates paves the road to optimal strength, flexibility, and posture to create a longer, leaner you.

Pilates Fusion: A masterful mind and body medley to shake up your Pilates practice! You'll get Pilates, sculpting, BOSU work, yoga…the possibilities are endless!

Pilates Sculpt: A creative combination of precise Pilates sprinkled with sexy sculpting!

PiYo: A gentle combination of the best of gentle yoga and gentle pilates.

RPM: This indoor pre-choreographed cycle class provides fast improvement in general endurance and increases lower body strength taking you on a ride through hills, flats, mountain peaks and more.

Step, Punch & Crunch!: Yep! The name says it all! You'll get your heart rate up with some step, kick it into high gear with some kickboxing, then drive it home with some fabulous core work!

Taekwonrobics: Blends taekwondo with aerobics!

Therapeutic Stretch: Learn how to stretch every major muscle group effectively and safely to make your daily life a little less stiff! Taught by Dr. Catherine Hoag.

Yoga: Finding a little sliver of tranquility and stillness in your everyday life is just one of the small blissful benefits created with a steady yoga practice. Your practice not only opens the body by developing flexibility and defining muscle tone, but it also allows the mind to calm by releasing stress and alleviating tension. While there is a plethora of yoga styles, a true glimmer of the beauty of yoga is that there really is a practice suitable for everyone, regardless of age, body type, health, and past fitness experience. Each yoga class is unique to the individual style of the trained instructor.

YogaFest: The once a month sweet yogic treat creatively conjured up by Leslie that leaves you fully satisfied, perfectly peaceful and euphoric after its delightful 2 hour long practice.

Zumba: Dance, laugh and burn those calories! This vibrant, energy-filled calorie burning phenomenon brings the nightclub to you by fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow dance moves that will have you moving and grooving to a sexier shape!

Group Exercise Schedule:

Kid's Club:

Fitness Connection’s Kid’s Club is a safe & fun “babysitting” center located inside all of our facilities. This service is provided to you, our members and guests, allowing you to feel comfortable that your child(ren) is/are being taken care of while you work out. Our Kid’s Club facility is not a licensed day-care facility, therefore you must remain inside the facility while your child (ren) is/are signed into the Kid’s Club. Our policies are solely designed for the safety of your child(ren) and we ask for you cooperation with all of our rules/regulations.

Access to Thousands of Health Clubs

Do you travel outside of your area often? If you do, you know how hard it can be to maintain your healthy habits while you are on the road. It can be tough to eat healthy while traveling and often getting an effective workout in each day can be nearly impossible, especially in those tiny hotel gyms!

The IHRSA Passport Program, however, makes it possible to enjoy workouts on the road that meet your expectations. Because we are a member of IHRSA, the International Health Racquet & Sports Clubs Association, and enrolled in their Passport Program, you have guest privileges to a network of quality clubs when you travel.

What’s more, the IHRSA Passport Program provides you significantly reduced guest fees- a minimum of 50% savings!

Using the IHRSA Passport Program is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Obtain a valid IHRSA Passport I.D. Ask an employee at your home club for a valid IHRSA passport I.D. for your trip. You will need a new one for each trip.

2. Find a club. Log on to to locate a participating club in the area where you will be traveling. Keep in mind that the passport program is only good for facilities outside a 50 mile radius of your home club.

3. Call ahead. Always call the club you plan on visiting before arrival to verify any guest fees that may apply as well as to confirm the availability of the facilities you intend to use.

4. Arriving at the club. When you arrive at the club, present your passport I.D. and pay the guest fee.

In addition to the IHRSA Passport Program, your membership may include the option to use our other facilities, such as Cary, Greenville, Celebration, NorthHills, and RTP.


Holiday Hours

Easter: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
Memorial Day: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
4th of July: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
Labor Day: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
Thanksgiving: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
Christmas Eve: Normal Open - 2 p.m.
Christmas Day: Closed
New Year's Eve: Normal Open - 5 p.m.
New Years Day: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.


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